Wildcat Tech Ventures LLC was founded for the purpose of exploring social media.  During its initial phase, trial-and-error was its daily task. Determining what “worked well” and “what failed” from a social media perspective was the primary objective.  There was no study guide for social media.  Deciphering which metrics mattered most was imperative.  Learning how to generate perceived value and organically grow subscribers was crucial.  Within the social media realm, perception is reality.  Learning how to create a utopia is the end-game.

There is no “get-rich-quick” scheme for social media.  Social media success is linked heavily to “real,” and “relatable” interactions.  Wildcat Tech Venture’s core business model is training companies to learn how to interact with their social media followers.  Social media is not advertising. Social media is a virtual extension of one’s storefront.

Let Wildcat Tech Ventures train your team for tomorrow today.  Social media mastery is only one click away.  Please contact us!